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The Replication Manual is intended to assist service providers and policymakers to incorporate the Community Model approach into their programs for chronically homeless people. It complements the Community Model Training Institutes that the collaboration hopes to continue to offer on a periodic basis. It is hoped that the manual will be useful both as a book read from start to finish, as well as a reference guide on specific issues regarding services to homeless people with mental illness.

The content of the manual is based upon observations, interviews, focus groups and surveys with the staff and members of Lamp Community and OPCC, as well as Safe Haven providers across the nation.

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• Table of Contents
• Introduction: How to use this manual, questions and answers concerning the Community Model, and a brief history of its implementation.
• Part One: An overview of the principles underlying harm reduction and community, and a review of the characteristics of the Community Model.
• Part Two: A review of the service and housing components of the Community Model and issues specific to their operation and staffing.
• Part Three: “How to Build Community,” a detailed discussion of strategies to incorporate the Community Model philosophy into housing and service delivery.
• Part Four: An overview of the Community Model’s strategies to expand employment opportunities for members.
• Part Five: Concrete issues related to developing a Community Model program, including siting, physical configuration of program space and funding resources.
Appendices: Listings of resources for training, technical assistance and funding, as well as a detailed narrative describing the establishment of a Safe Haven program in Santa Monica, California.

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