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The following timeline catalogs the collaborative effort — from writing the original proposal to the The California Endowment, to breaking ground in Santa Monica, CA — and provides a brief look into the history of the project.

September 2000     The California Endowment (TCE) releases the Request for Proposals.
November 2000     The partners submit proposal.
February 2001     Grant is awarded and TCE awards $1 million in 'seed' funding.
June 2001     The Collaborative hosts the first Advisory Committee Meeting.
August 2001    

RAND performs 16 observations (twice weekly for two months), five informant interviews, and one focus group to articulate the key components and values of the Community Model.

Shelter Partnership distributes questionnaires to 85 Safe Havens around the country to compile data on Safe Havens.

The St. John's Health Center Foundation awards OPCC with $100,000 for operational funds.

September 2001     The Collaborative secures $200,000 for rehabilitation by revising an existing contract with the Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health.
December 2001    

Lamp presents on the Community Model at a national conference sponsored by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA).

The Collaborative hosts the second Advisory Committee Meeting.
April 2002     Lamp presents at the Corporation for Supportive Housing Training Institute.
May 2002     Lamp, OPCC, and Shelter Partnership present during a Training Institute at the annual Housing California Conference.
July 2002     Shelter Partnership conducts an all day Training Institute sponsored by the National Alliance to End Homelessness.
August 2002 to August 2003     OPCC visits and assesses 200 potential sites on the Westside of Los Angeles.
September 2002      OPCC meets with City of Santa Monica Council members and City staff to discuss the Community Model.
December 2002      U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) awards $2,083,00 in capital, operating, and service funds.
January 2003     

County of Los Angeles awards $200,000 in rehabilitation funds from the Condo Conversion fund.

OPCC identifies the Community Model site.
February 2003      The City of Santa Monica makes tentative commitment of $7,400,000 in acquisition and rehabilitation funds.
July 2003      OPCC conducts a mailing to property owners within a 2000-foot radius of the site to announce the project.
July to August 2003      OPCC makes physical contact with 300 residents and talks directly with 87 residents.
July 2003      OPCC holds an Open House at its Turning Point Shelter in Santa Monica to discuss the project.
August 2003      City Council of Santa Monica holds a public hearing on the OPCC Community Model.
September 2003      City Council of Santa Monica approves final loan documents, lease agreement, and covenants and restrictions on the property between the City and OPCC.
October 2003      Escrow is closed on the Community Model site.
December 2003      RAND conducts 14 interviews with key community members, city officials, business owners, and school administrators regarding the outreach and siting process for the Community Model.
January 2004      Preliminary architectural plans are submitted for administrative review.
March 2004      OPCC Community Model designs pass Architectural Review with the City of Santa Monica.
May 2004      OPCC secures $1,000,000 for rehabilitation through the State of California's Emergency Housing Assistance Program (EHAP).
June 2004      OPCC submits construction plans to the City of Santa Monica.
January and February 2005      Collaborative partners host two two-day Training Institutes.
January 2005      City of Santa Monica issue the Building Permit.
February 2005      Publication of "Ending Chronic Homelessness Among People with Mental Illness: The Community Model."
March 2005      Construction starts.
March 2006      Construction is complete.
April 2006      OPCC Community Model is open for operation.