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Shelter Partnership, Inc.
T: 213.688.2188
F: 213.689.3188

Shelter Partnership logo

Since its founding in 1985, Shelter Partnership has been a leader in the fight against homelessness in Los Angeles County. Dedicated to increasing the housing opportunities and resources available to homeless families and individuals as well as to those who are in extreme poverty, Shelter Partnership accomplishes its mission through the following activities; operating the Shelter Resource Bank, soliciting large-scale donations of merchandise and ensuring that these items are delivered to the people and agencies who need them; providing technical assistance to community-based organizations and public agencies (helping these agencies to be awarded more than $400 million in federal funds in the past nine years alone); conducting research and publishing analytical studies; and promoting community education.

Lamp Community
T: 213.488.9559
F: 213.683.0969

Lamp Community

Nationally recognized for its community approach, Lamp Community is a Los Angeles, non-profit organization providing holistic, integrated housing and support services for homeless men and women living with serious mental illness. Of the 100,000 homeless individuals in Los Angeles, a third has serious mental illness. Out on the streets, many mentally-ill men and women turn to unprescribed drugs to “stop the voices” or to escape crippling depression and soon find themselves addicted. Many wish to re-enter mainstream society but find the task insurmountable. Pulling these men and women from the harsh environment of the streets and providing basic human services allows them to focus on recovery instead of survival. This is where Lamp Community begins. Established in 1985, Lamp Community has evolved into a safety net for homeless men and women who were formerly without hope. Lamp Community offers meals, housing, health recovery, job training and other support services in nine facilities, to over 4000 individuals annually. In a community of understanding and support, members learn to feel good about themselves. Advocates and counselors work one-on-one with each individual to inspire, set goals, and help each member achieve his or her best.

Ocean Park Community Center
T: 310.264.6646
F: 310.264.6647

Ocean Park Community Center

OPCC, (formerly the Ocean Park Community Center), is a network of shelters and services for homeless adult men and women, homeless and low-income families, battered women and their children, at-risk children and youth, runaway and homeless youth and mentally ill homeless women. It is a 41-year-old community-supported organization in which staff, volunteers and clients work together with mutual respect to address the effects of poverty, abuse, neglect and discrimination. OPCC has seven main projects under its umbrella: Access Center, Daybreak Day Center and Shelter, Campion Counseling Center, Safe Haven, Sojourn Services for Battered Women and Their Children, Turning Point Transitional Housing and Night Light Youth Outreach.

RAND Corporation
T: 310.393.0411
F: 310.393.4818

RAND Corporation

For more than 50 years, decisionmakers in the public and private sectors have turned to the RAND Corporation for objective analysis and effective solutions that address the challenges facing the nation and the world. More on RAND is available at

RAND Health is a research division within the RAND Corporation, the first organization to be called a "think tank." For more than 50 years, RAND has been working to improve policy and decision making through research and analysis. RAND Health continues that tradition, advancing understanding of health and health behaviors, and examining how the organization and financing of care affect costs, quality, and access. RAND Health has helped shape private- and public-sector responses to emerging health policy issues for more than three decades. We pioneered the application of rigorous empirical research designs to health care issues. Our landmark studies of health care financing helped change the way America pays for health care services. Long before quality of care was prominent on the national agenda, we established the scientific basis for determining whether various medical and surgical procedures were being used appropriately. More on RAND Health is available at

The California Endowment
T: 818.703.3311
F: 818.703.4193

The California Endowment logo

The California Endowment, a private, statewide health foundation, was established in 1996 to expand access to affordable, quality health care for underserved individuals and communities, and to promote fundamental improvements in the health status of all Californians. Headquartered in Woodland Hills, The Endowment has regional offices in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Sacramento, Fresno and San Diego, with program staff working throughout the state. The Endowment makes grants to organizations and institutions that directly benefit the health and well-being of the people of California. For more information, visit The Endowment's Web site at

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