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Offering an array of housing, employment, recovery, and support services that are voluntary, life-long, and non-linear, the Community Model offers homeless people with mental illness what they need most to get off the streets, achieve residential stability, and continue on their journey through recovery. With the Community Model, individuals have the resources to make real choices, take informed risks, and assume responsibility and maximum control of their own lives. Simply put, when these members of our neighborhoods — so often excluded or neglected — enter supportive housing that has adopted principles of the Community Model, they find a “home” and hope for a future.

Lamp Community (formerly LAMP, Inc.), a non-profit organization in Los Angeles, pioneered the innovative Community Model design with great success. Now that the model has proven so effective, the question has been raised: how might other housing and service providers duplicate the unique characteristics of the Community Model? The answer is this website.

A collaboration of Shelter Partnership, Inc, Lamp Community, OPCC (formerly Ocean Park Community Center), and the RAND Corporation, has created this site as a resource for utilizing the Community Model. Here you will find information on Training Institutes, a downloadable Replication Manual, and the story of a Community Model on Los Angeles’ Westside and how they sited a Safe Haven, a vital element of the Community Model.

Site created by: Robin O'Connell, Stephanie Lum and Michele Moore.